Verification Of Integrated Flight Control Electronics Developing Reusable Testbench Components


Integrated Flight Control Electronics (IFCE)


FPGA Design Verification / Avionics


Questasim, DOORS


Flight Control Module

PROJECT DESCRIPTION : Actuator Control Electronics(ACE) Direct Mode

  • The ACE architecture contains two distinct parts; One part is referred to as the Normal Mode path and the other part as the Direct Mode path.
  • The ACE is partitioned this way to ensure functional and design independence between the Direct Mode and Normal Mode paths.
  • The Direct Mode path receives only those inputs that are needed to support the computation of the Direct Mode Control laws.
  • The Direct Mode Path within the ACE is used as a backup control system for the IFCE.
  • Direct Mode can be engaged either by the pilot using manual switches in the cockpit or if the ACE losses IMB communications with all FCM’s or if commanded by the FCMs.
  • The Direct Mode Path contains a set of aircraft CLAWs that use rate and cockpit sensor information to generate actuator commands to the REUs.

ROLE : ACE Direct Mode Path Module Verification

  • Actuator Data Bus (ADB) Tx Verification
  • FCDIS Fault Detection and Coherency between FCDIS Local Data and Crosslane CLDL data.
  • Crosslane Data Link(CLDL) Storage and Transmission Verification .
  • Elevator and Rudder Control Verification


  • Test Bench Optimization with respect to simulation time.


  • Created re-usable common task and testbench module for NVM Fault checks.
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