Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

SoCs with dual, quad processor cores came to market quite some time back. In addition such SoC now a days has dedicated onchip compute hardware, either in the form of graphic coprocessor or programmable neural network block or DSP processor. This opens up host of new applications, especially on embedded device. For example existing AI/ML algorithm can run faster enabling realtime object/face recognition. Compute intensive software can be run faster by engaging & loading all cores equally. IoT node designed around such SoC can generate realtime intelligent response utilizing historic data.

The legacy application software running on the system are sequential, designed to run around single processor core. The approach to develop application programm was still sequential in nature in the absence of proper framework to develop parallel software. An OpanMP is one of the popular framework available now to enable parallel software development and off-course a mindset to visualize parallelizing software block is very much needed to truly leverage it.

Blueberry has expertise in implementing ML algorithm. Blueberry has been doing research in parallel software development under OpenMP framework

Our Software solution offerings are as below:

Software Solutions:

  • OpenMP based Framework for Parallel Software
  • Enabling existing solution with IIoT and AI/ML
  • Data Science & Analytics

Blueberry team has extensive experience in developing realtime robust Industrial Data Acquisition & Control around microcontrollers and processor systems. Our capabilities & offerings include below.

Industrial Automation:

  • SCADA based solution
  • Fieldbus/Modbus/ RTU based implementation MES Configuration and Deployment
  • Data Analytics and Alarm Generation

The conventional IoT system now can be re-engineered leveraging new technologies like ML. The marriage of two opens up new possibilities in Industrial IoT, Sensor Hub. We have home grown IoT software stack that can be customized across processor platform, communication technologies. Our capabilities & offerings in IoT enabled solutions are as below.

IoT based solutions:

  • Edge device development
  • IoT Platform development reusing home-grown Scalable, Customizable stack for Industrial IoT
  • Smart sensor solutions with ML
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