NLP Processing, An Automated Resume Processing Application


NLP Processing Using AI


Machine Learning

Business Requirements :

Automated Resume Screening software.

  • Singapore based staff augmentation/manpower sourcing company with clients to multiple domains.
  • The customer wanted a resume parsing and conversion to HR-JSON format. The matching of the resumes to a selected JD with ranking of the results.

Solution Approach :

  • The input to the system can be a html, word or a pdf document that is converted to a normalized text file format.
  • Multiple NLP processing schemes are applied to extract the relevant sections of the JD and Resumes.
  • A scoring engine then ranks the match or the mandatory and good to have skills.
  • The results of the search & match are displayed of an intuitive dashboard.
  • Search refinements can be carried out in the system with unspecified requirements , like, joining date, CTC, travel rediness, etc.

Technologies Used :

  • AI/ML algos including ANN, DNN, and simple regex.
  • Flexible and customizable NLP pipeline.
  • Includes a smart text generator.
  • Uses LAMP stack.
  • The GUI is a HTML/JS script.
  • Backend: MongoDB, Flask and Restful API.
  • Uses domain specific taxonomies.

Benefits to Customer :

  • Quick turn-around to client request.
  • More time spent on validating JD and candidate claims.
  • Match the resume database to multiple JDs.
  • and shortlist the same candidate to the best match.
  • Submitting the resumes to client in a standardised format.
  • System has facilities to allow the recruiter to add additional comments / observations.
  • made by the recruiter or the clients to improve future matches of the candidate.
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