3D Localized Augmented GPS Based Solution For Locating Worker In The Field


3D Localization – Augmented GPS Solution


Turnkey- IoT Solution / Industrial Automation


Developed using Home Grown IoT Stack

Project Description : 3D Localization – Augmented GPS Solution

Role : Develop and demonstrate solution to locate object in field

  • W3D sensor provides for sensing of locations, activity, temperature and humidity in a compact wearable sensor cluster. When used this MMM IoT Platform, it provides for:
    • Location measurement: important in many applications.
    • Activity monitoring that is gaining popularity for both personal health and other commercial applications.
  • In-building location sensing in 3 dimensions, i.e., Lat + Long + Altitude is enabled in our solution.

Sensor Composition:

  • Temperature Sensor for ambient temperature sensing
  • 9 Axis Motion Sensor from TI
  • Pressure sensor for altitude from Robert Bosch
  • Humidity sensor from TI
  • Locating object in a field in 3 dimension
  • Portable Sensor
  • Software Development using Home Grown IoT stack
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